The members of Spokane County Fire District 4, past and present, have a long tradition of providing compassionate and efficient service to our neighbors.

We are an all risk department providing emergency response to fire, emergency medical, hazardous material, and a variety of other types of incidents. We provide these services with a combination of volunteer, part time and full time staff responding from nine stations located throughout the District.

Our District covers approximately 330 square miles of north Spokane County. We also respond to Stevens and Pend Oreille counties and other Spokane County jurisdictions surrounding our district through automatic and mutual aid agreements, and inter-agency agreements with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, Bureau of Land Management, and the United States Forest Service.

We are pleased to offer this website as another tool to provide valuable information to our citizens and members. After touring our site, should you have any questions or comments about the website or the Fire District, please feel free to contact us.

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Bill Neckels

Fire Chief



Members of the Department guarantee to the People of Fire District 4 that we will provide dependable service in a responsive fashion, while showing care and compassion for those in need. We will protect lives, property and the environment through disaster preparedness, fire prevention, community education, and the mitigation of fire, rescue, medical care, and hazardous material incidents.


The Board shall establish Levels of Service with public input.

It is the Board of Commissioners’ plan to utilize a combination Department to provide services to our community. This organization shall be comprised of an adequate blend of volunteer, part-time and full-time personnel to meet the established Levels of Service. Specifically, full-time personnel shall focus on providing the guidance, direction, and support necessary to allow volunteer and part-time personnel to focus on response and support services.

The Board of Commissioners shall see that the Objectives of the Comprehensive Plan are funded.

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Commitment to Excellence

The Members of this department, working together, will provide a professional and caring environment that is fair, honest, ethical, and that treats all individuals with respect and dignity.

Department Members will be supportive and responsive to the needs of the District in a loyal, ethical, and professional manner.

The Department will be progressive, service oriented organization which provides innovative and effective leadership.

As a role model within the Fire Service, this department will cooperatively participate at all levels in developing innovative concepts and issues that advance the profession.


… will be accomplished through written, published expectations with clear directives for District 4 personnel at all levels, defining duty crew responsibilities and training. The use of job descriptions and a standardized evaluation process will promote a positive, equitable culture.


… will be honest, open, and available. We will have a 360 degree communications flow with the emphasis on a strong feedback loop. Communications and information will be distributed throughout the District in an accurate, timely and consistent manner.

Respect for Leadership

… will be maintained through a formalized development program that outlines the expectations and requirements for all positions within the Organization. We will develop and hold members consistently responsible to meet or exceed standards of their qualifications. This will include regular, reciprocal evaluations of all personnel, remediations of skills and correction of behavior when appropriate.

Professional Development

… will be achieved through ongoing training and evaluations to allow Members to maintain skills and offer opportunities for them to further their skills, knowledge and qualifications in the Organization.